Provides a full range of IT security system management services - from partial administration to the full management of your environments and its development. 

With the Smart Security services - your organization will gain access to engineers with the highest competence and experience. The problem of missing vacancies, sick leaves, vacation, or other random events will no loger affect the work of IT resources in your company.

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While we take care of the daily activities, you will be able to spend this time on business development, conceptual tasks and strategic environmental activities. Together with our engineers, you will make critical updates and works that affect the business continuity.

Smart security includes, among others:

  • Change management
  • Security management
  • Monitoring of environmental health and the quality of its components
  • „Best Practices” audit of the environment
  • Modifications and updates of environmental elements as part of audit recommendations
  • Detection of vulnerability of elements forming the environment
  • Reporting when incidents are detected
  • Consulting on existing solutions
  • Dedicated engineer as a single point of contact (TAM)
  • Reporting of works according to the established SLA
  • Risk Monitoring and Response Automation (SOAR)

Your organization suffer from the lack of adequate staff

to ensure security and maintenance of IT services at the appropriate level

Your IT resources are insufficient

to take care of the daily, often tedious administrative duties.

Your level of security is not good enough

or you don't know how to verify it.

How do

we do it?




What do you gain from

Smart Security?

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of elements covered by the service
  • Immediate detection of problems and failures
  • Ongoing analysis of trends that may lead to failures or downtime
  • Bidirectional confidentiality and integrity of communication
  • Protection of sensitive information, through segmentation of environment into security zones
  • Secure methods of managing the operator access (accounts/passwords/password vault) 
  • Full accountability of actions recommended by the client's personnel and performed by Smart Security operators
  • Several parallel channels for registering customer requests (portal, email, telephone)
  • Current view of the status of executed orders

Smart security


Smart security services are available for the following technologies:

Advanced technology

in your company

IT security management services include your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. We expand your security activities to connect people, processes and technologies to provide 24/7 support.

Subscription plans

The fee for using the smart security service is based on a subscription of hours to use each month.


A package of work orders to be used  in ON-DEMAND mode

Change management in existing IT security systems

 Monitoring and ongoing administration of systems

Basic reporting



“Best practices” audit of customer's systems

Modifications and system updates as part of audit guidelines and recommendations

Vulnerability detection using professional tools

Consulting in the scope of existing security solutions



Dedicated engineer as single point of contact (TAM)

Reporting of work orders in accordance with the established SLA

Threat monitoring and response automation (SOAR)


The best product on the market to use the maintenance, monitoring and monitoring services of the customer's infrastructure to maintain the preservation, integrity and protection of data against threats.

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Smart Security!

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